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unable to delete instance using CLI

I am not able to delete instance created in zone=’asia-southeast1-a’ though project is in Asia.

Getting following error:

cloud_user_p_d24d42f0@cloudshell:~ (playground-s-11-9653451d)$ gcloud compute instances delete mytest

Did you mean zone [asia-southeast1-a] for instance: [mytest] (Y/n)? y

The following instances will be deleted. Any attached disks configured to be auto-deleted will be deleted unless they are attached to any other instances or the

--keep-disks flag is given and specifies them for keeping. Deleting a disk is irreversible and any data on the disk will be lost.

  • [mytest] in [asia-southeast1-a]

Do you want to continue (Y/n)? y

ERROR: (gcloud.compute.instances.delete) Could not fetch resource:

  • The resource ‘projects/playground-s-11-9653451d/zones/asia-southeast1-a/instances/mytest’ was not found
Tanya Gupta

Hi, please try the following command:

Tanya Gupta

gcloud compute instances delete mytest –zone=aisa-southeast1-a

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