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Set Up Non-Admin User Access

I’m trying to give the Billing Account User role to the other mail just like in the video, but when logging to the user account it does not seem to work, when i try to activate activate the full account it does not restrict me anything and when i go to billing i can see the overview

Anant Dabhi

@Mattias Andersson I am getting the same problem what others are facing. It doesn’t really working. Somehow billing account user has been treated separately. Even i am not getting any option to associate the billing account user project to the trial account. Its absolutely being treated as separate account. i am unable to make progress on Chapter 6.6.

2 Answers

Hello, Eduardo.  One thing you should do is double-check that you’re looking at the same billing account from both your admin and your user gmail accounts.  Could it be that you somehow signed up for (or had access to) another trial account on the user account?  Maybe you signed up some time ago or have it through your company, or something?

Another thing to double-check is that you granted the "Billing Account User" role and not the "Billing Account Administrator" or "Billing Account Viewer" ones.

It’s also possible that the console is remembering some information from a different account than you think you’re using, so I highly recommend that you completely restart your browser and use a fresh Incognito window to test a clean login to your user account.

I hope this helps!



I got the same as Eduardo – I created a user account (selected Billing Account User – can associate projects with billing accounts). The part when I click upgrade in the user account did not throw an error message. And cutting and pasting the url (after I switch back to the main account) does not show the same result as the video…And when I go to the billing account…I am able to see the project created via the user account. Perhaps Google has changed something since the video was made? It made me confused to follow the instructions thrice and on 3x have a different experience than that shown on the video.

It doesn’t work for me either. Used clean gmail accounts. But the user account seem to get no connection whatsover with the admin account. puzzled None of the suggestions in the threads worked for me.

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