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Running nodes against lab file

I am confused about the part of the video (at time 5:05) where he says that we run node against the lab files, and node will load those up and sit there, waiting for a request. I don’t understand what part of the lab this correlates to. Which command or action did we do that was us running nodes against the lab files?


The part I don’t understand is why nodemon couldn’t have run using the existing proxy. And why did it create the HTML file when running nodemon instead of using the same file?

Anusha V

in the second step, we use the command "nodemon html-hello.js", if you look at the highlighted code here

Anusha V

port at which the server has to run is listed as 8081, which is the reason it runs at 8081. if you update the code in your editor to 8080, it will run at 8080. Also, keep in mind that two services in same IP cannot run in same port at same time.

2 Answers

Hey there!

We ran the node and nodemon commands against the files in the lab that went over the Cloud Shell which was the previous video. The nodemon command is what ran to have node detect changes to the files and then serve the updated file when we reloaded the site again.

Celeste Wilson

Thanks! I think I understand that part, I think the part that confused me was the fact that he used the word against. I’m confused about what it means to run nodes against lab files.

Suede Young

Ahs I gotcha! Sorry I was out of town but yeah my thoughts is the same with Niranjan that the instructor was meaning the node on the hello.js file.

My guess is that he simply meant running the node command on the hello.js file -> ‘node hello.js’. This command loads the java script file and gives us the port number through which we can access it.

Celeste Wilson

Great, thank you!

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