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Project ID for a new project gets changed once you go over 30 characters

When creating a new project the project ID is based on your project name, at least until the project ID gets to 30 characters. Since  the project ID is limited to 30 characters, once it gets to 30 characters, it will be automatically changed to a system generated ID. 

I was creating a project for the one of the labs.

I started typing the project name, I could see that the project ID was being updated based on the project name, but once I got to 30 characters in the project ID it changed the project ID to a auto generated ID.

Services Exploration La
Project ID: services-exploration-la-272316

As soon as I typed the b in Lab it changed to an auto generated name

Services Exploration Lab
Project ID: tonal-carving-272316

I was able to manually edit the project ID to reduce the length of the digits at the end of the project ID to keep it under 30 characters, but still use my project name in the ID. 

This is important because in some of the GCP screens you only see the project ID and not the project name.

1 Answers

That is interesting.

It sort of gives you a peek behind the curtain.  🙂

Nice work around . Thank you for sharing.


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