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Payment declined when activating free trial. Tried almost all of my credit cards

I am trying to activate the free trial on my GCP account but its failing when I am navigated back from the payment gateway. In some cases the amount (Rupee 1) also got debited but even then i see failure popup. Tried logout and logged in again but at the top i always see this message 

Your free trial is waiting: activate now to get $300 credit to explore Google Cloud products. Learn more

1 Answers

Hey Anudeep, 

Man, I feel your pain,  I dislike when things don’t work they way they should, more when it causes me extra work.

However, this is how we learn all the small things that make us experts.

Try contacting Google Support on this one:

FYI- there a forum post here,

turns out this issue happens over years for some individuals.

Good Luck and post the resolution please,


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