Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Passed the exam and my feedback

I have passed the exam on February and wanted to share my feedback.

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Great job and kudos to you, GK! Congrats on the cert 🎉 and thanks for recording this video about your experience! 👍

If I might summarize a few of your key points:

  • Really rip apart every point in the exam guide

  • Take this ACE course 😁 — and do the challenges as you go!

  • Make a personal GCP account and do lots of practicing

  • Take Google’s official practice exam–possibly even at the start of your studies

  • Practice gcloud a lot

  • Use the exam technique of response elimination

  • Read other people’s exam reports–like Sathish’s, as you mention, but of course I’m happy to link this post/video of yours to into my ACE Exam Report Mega-Thread, too!

But for those of you reading, do go ahead and watch the full video, too… And don’t forget to “Smash the Like button and hit Subscribe!” 😄

Keep being awesome!



Thank you so much for your feedback Mattias, I appreciate it.

Mattias Andersson


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