Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Passed my Google ACE Exam Today

Hello All,

Happy to say that I PASSED my Google ACE today. Just got out of the exam hall and thought to jolt down my experience.

Thanks a TON @Mattias Andersson. You lessons were invaluable. You helped me create the base. I actually used your Data Flows to solve problems 🙂

Here are my thoughts about the exam

  • Exam is really really difficult. Do not attempt it without preparing. When you prepare , prepare in depth. Do LABS 

  • Exams are scenario based. So READ the question thoroughly. 

  • Referring to just ACloudGuru is not enough. I was following a book "Official Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer Study Guide" by Dan Sullivan. Its a thick book, but trust me, it’s worth it. Again, for each section, do labs.

  • Exam was heavy on Kubernetes. So it’s highly recommended that you go through the Kubernetes Deep Dive course. 

  • IAM heavy- Learn everything about this. Organisations, Billing, Roles, Groups, so many question grilling you on this. DO LABS

– Cloud Storage – understand the 4 storage classes and its transitions. 

– Exam was heavy on Compute Engine, App Engine.

– A few question on Big Query and Cloud Spanner.

– So many questions on Google Best Practices. So Please read through it thoroughly.

– A few Questions about Networking, Cloud DNS 

I guess thats about it.

Once again, thanks a LOT @Mattias Andersson. 

Best of luck to anyone who is going to attempt the exam in the future.


2 questions:How long did you prepare before taking on the exam?


And, was it mostly multiple choice or just single answer?

Vighnesh P P

There was only single answer questions in my exam. I took around 20-30 days to prepare. Best of luck!

Ryan Stewart



Congrats !!!!! I have difficulties with the memorizing all that info. I have NO previous cloud knowledge . Am I supposed to memorize all the info from documentation ? I just went through Intro to GCP Products/Services -and Key Building Blocks for ex is a mile long terms I have never heard about..should I just memorize all that ?!

2 Answers

Very nice, Vighnesh!  Congratulations! 🎉  I’m so glad that our courses were such an important part of your success.  And I think it’s awesome that you used data flow thinking so effectively. 😁👍

And thank you so much for writing up all these valuable tips so other students can benefit from them, too.  I’ve now linked this post into my ACE Exam Report Mega-Thread so more people can find it.

Keep being awesome!


Ryan Stewart

He has done really well. Mr Mattias, can we have the link to download the Google cloud certified associate cloud engineer book. I really need it to study ahead. thank you

Mattias Andersson

Hello Ryan. Feel free to buy, rent, or borrow that book, If you’d like to go through it. Not sure if you might be able to get it through a library, but I’m sure you can find it on Amazon. Cheers!


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