Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Passed Google Cloud Associate Engineer

Successfully cleared Google Cloud Associate Engineer Exam.

First of all thanks to Mattias Andersson & Nigel Poulton for making this course. 

My Course Study

Time Taken: 2 Weeks

Attempted All the below mock exams multiple times till the time i got 90%+

1. Cloud Simulator

2. All the questions/quizes from the 6 courses from coursera

3. Linux Foundation Final Exam

4. Udemy (2 exams) – I think majority of the questions where in Cloud Simulator and it’s the same course.

Focus on the exam

1. All the storages from Google Cloud

2. K8

3. IAM Roles/Policies/Custom Roles

4. VPC/Networking/Subnet

5. Service Accounts

6. Pricing Calculator

Best of Luck!



Manu Sharma

Can you please share links?

Aiden Brady

Hi, You can use Dumpsgeek’s learning material to get achievement in exam.

1 Answers

Congratulations, Shashank! 🎊 Nicely done. Glad we could be a part of your success. 😁

Thanks for pointing out the areas of focus you saw on your exam. 👍 I’m sure more people will appreciate it, too, so I’ll link here from my Exam Report Mega-Thread.



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