Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Passed GCP Associate Cloud Engineer after 2 months of studying

I have 6 AWS Certifications, this Exam was very similar to AWS SysOps Administrator by level.

120 minutes more than enough to complete this exam without looking on timer.

I had 50 questions with 4 answers, where I need to select ONLY 1 correct, in all 50 questions.

Topics to know for exam:

Cloud Storage – storage classes, versioning, object status, lifecycles

gcloud commands and gcloud configurations

AppEngine – how to split, deploy, update, migrate

Kubernetes – components understanding, kubectl commands and gcloud commands

SQL datastores – when to use: CloudSQL, Cloud Spanner, BigQuery

NoSQL datastores – when to use: Bigtable, Datastore, Cloud Firestore

VPC – SharedVPC Organization only, Custom VPC, VPC between projects, peering, VPN

Billing Account, linking to project, change billing, Exports to Cloud Storage and BigQuery

Know where you use Auto-Healing (Managed Group), Auto-Upgrade (k8s), Auto-Repair (k8s)

StackDriver monitoring, logs, exports, activity logs

SSH Key Management for One Instance and for All Instances in the Project

How to make Login to Windows Instance from console and from gcloud

Network Firewall Rules, allow/deny, priority of rules

Allowed maximal /8 and minimal /29 CIDR for Subnet

IAM, Service Accounts, Copy Role to another project

Predifined Roles for BigQuery, CloudSQL and Billing, know permissions

Permission while working with few projects and Organization

For preparing I have used:  

Cource GCP Fundamentals for AWS Professionals

Course A Cloud Guru, you have it on Udemy (Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer Certification)

Book – Official Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer Study Guide

Qwiklabs Quests: GCP Essentials, Cloud Architecture

GCP Documentations, Google Recommended Best Practices & FAQ

YouTube videos from Google Cloud Platform channel

=== Mod removed reference to site using stolen question dumps. ===

Official Practice Test 20 questions.

I started Google Challenge to get certified in 3 months:

You get 25$ off the Exam fee and 100$ voucher for Google Store if you pass. So nice to have it.

A Cloud Guru course is good BUT, completely BAD for AppEngine topic, when you buy course you expect instructor to teach and not to tell you go learn it by yourself, especially this is very important topic on the exam, about 5-6 question for AppEngine.

Please update Course, this is not very big job to do to cover all things for AppEngine.

Kubernetes explained very deep, which finally not required for the exam, but great for your knowledge.

I have created video overview for this exam on my YouTube Channel (Russian Language): 5wEbNSrs098

2 Answers

Congratulations on passing! Thanks for the comprehensive write up and I’ll pass your feedback on regarding AppEngine.


Kudos on adding yet another cert to your collection, Denis! 👏  And thanks for all of your valuable feedback!  Of course, many people who link here from my ACE Exam Report Mega-Thread will find your list of topics to know very helpful, but I also appreciate your candid feedback about how I can improve my course. 👍  Students do generally still seem to be passing based on the current course, but I accept that I really should (and will) add coverage for AppEngine.  Stay tuned!

I hope I can bump into you at some upcoming GCP meetup around here (Vancouver).  But regardless, keep being awesome!



Hi Mattias, students pass based on current course because they look for other resources to be more prepared on topics which they feel not explained well. On my courses (YouTube ADV-IT) I always tell people to watch Few resources for same topic, one instructor can explain little bit about one topic , but will deep dive in another. So always better to watch at least two different instructors to be Really Ready for Exam. As you can see from students feedback all of them used few resources in addition to your course. Anyway your course is Great as all A Cloud Guru! Let’s meet one day ,we live close.

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