Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Passed GCP ACE Exam: Sharing my experience/tips and thanking the ACG Community!!!

Hello ACG community members, I was able to pass my Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer exam today!!!

Firstly, I would like to thank Mattias Andersson for laying down the fabric for this exam. Secondly, I would like to thank Nigel Poulton for adding cherry on cake with Kubernetes course (it’s a big must to pass the exam).

My Background

I have got 15 years of experience in Data/Analytics space and has been working with Cloud for last 5 years (AWS: 4 years, GCP: 1 year). Though I was familiar with many of the GCP services and resources, but was lacking depth and hands-on. My main objective to appear for this exam was to take a deep-dive and understand the nuts-and-bolts of Google Cloud and gear up for my next exam as well …. yes …. Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect!

How I prepared?

To start with I did a Crash Course on Google Cloud Platform, this was kind of a move trailer, which helped me get a helicopter view of all the GCP services.

Followed by Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020! This is a wonderful course, just apt for start preparing for the certification exam. What I like about this course is how the instructor, helped us thinking in terms of "Mental Models". Also, every chapter in this course has great links to google docs to take a deep dive (it’s must to go thru in detail to be confident in the exam). There are few areas that you need to cover as an addendum – Kubernetes, Cloud Run, Cloud Run with Anthos , VPC advanced concepts (links mentioned below)

All the very best to the fellow learners. Big Thank you to ACG community!!!

Daniel Comnea

big thanks for sharing your thoughts, i’m sure will help others

Lokesh Vij

Thanks Daniel!

Syed Hadi

Awesome post! I am preparing for the GCP ACE Exam and had a question. Did you leverage practice exams outside of ACG, if yes, then could you also link those resources. Thanks again!

Lokesh Vij

Thanks Syed! Yes, I used practice exam questions that came along with official study guide along with questions posted by Dan Sullivan on Udemy


Great share, thanks for putting this here!

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