Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Not a Question but an update for this lab:

 At 4:30 mins of the video GCE In and Out(Lab) there is a command used to list the machine types with name f1-micro. When you’ll try to use the same command it will not work since NAME is deprecated. Instead use this command $ gcloud compute machine-types list –filter="name:(f1-micro)"

You can follow this link for further references on filter flag –

Drupadsinh Vaghela

Further update the command: $gcloud compute machine-types list –filter="name:(f1-micro) AND ZONE~us-west"

Steve Davies

I think even the f1-micro is deprecated as a machine type now its f2 or n1 I think. This course is over 2 years old and there are no updates yet.

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