Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Non Admin User Account

This section is very confusing to me. Do you create a new email address and a gcp free trial account? How do you create a GCP account without logging in to it? The video should walk through that.

What’s also confusing is that after the user account is added to the billing account, the instructor logs in to the user GCP account for the first time. Don’t you already do that when you create the GCP account?

A re-record or step by step instructions in the resources section will help a lot.

Avi Rao

Another clarification. Do you create a new "user" email address and a "user" gcp account?

Lokesh Vij

Yes, you need two [user] emails!

1 Answers

Hi Avi, It sounds very confusing at first go. Let me try to explain in brief so that you understand better (and hopefully that will resolve your confusion).  

There are majorly three ways we can create an account in GCP: 

(1) using our personal email (or gmail account)

(2) using G-Suite domain (represents company internet domain ex.  [email protected])

(3) Cloud Identity (similar to G-Suite, but more like if we want to using existing AD accounts in an org)

Now, for your confusion and lab purpose. You can create two personal gmail accounts (Option #1 above) and then make one account as Admin and another as Non-Admin. The difference between both users will be with regards to the access to Google Cloud Resources. A non-admin users will have limited resources to manage/change as compared to Admin account. 

For the Purpose of Lab and demonstration, Mattias has also created two users one with Admin access and other with Non-Admin access. I would recommend, going thru the video again, so that get more clarity.

Hope this helps!

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