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No Permisson to acces project instance after creating project using non-admin user in cloud shell

I created a project as non-admin user via the cloud shell with the following command "gcloud projects create vpclabacg2".

But everything seems blocked, when I try to link the project to my billing account I get " User […] does not have permission to access projects instance [vpclabag2] (or it may not exist): The caller does not have permission". Thanks for your answers.

1 Answers

In the Cloud Playground, you must use the provided project.  To see what can be done in the GCP Sandbox, see

For activities outside of what the sandbox can provide, we recommend a free tier account.  If you are working in your own personal account, see:

Sergej Kaiser

Thanks Michael. I indeed use my personal free tier. What is surprising is that previously I created projects and had no such issues. Thanks for the reference, will check it out, maybe something with the IAM is not correct.

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