Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Lab exercises on Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer uses GCPs $300 free credit?

GCP as you all may know offers $300 free credit for a year I believe. For the lab exercises in this GCP Associate Engineer course, Do we use that $300 sign up and credit?

If Yes, will we able to practice hands on all GCP related services like VPC, GCE, GKE, App Engine, Storage, Load Balancing, Big Data, Data Studio etc without expiring $300 credit?

1 Answers

Yes, we will be setting you up with and using a Google Cloud "Free Trial Account" in the course labs!  But even still, a lot of what we do still qualifies for the "Always Free Tier", leaving lots (almost all!) of the $300 credit available for you to run through lots of Codelabs and explore things on your own. 😁

Nagarajan R

Thank you Mattias

Mattias Andersson

No problem

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