Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Just passed the ACE – Here what you should know

The test has gotten harder. There were no easy questions. The format is all radio buttons with one selection. No more choose 2 answers. It’s generally four choices which seem like they could all work. This is very different from the practice test here on and even the official practice test with Google. My test had 7 questions on Spanner. They no longer focus on trivial things, like whether a permission contained the word ‘account’ or ‘accounts’. It is conceptual. It seems they are moving the test closer toward the professional level where it is solutions based. You need to know data flows – which services to use to move data from a source to a destination with certain constraints. Here’s what else I noticed, they put really hard questions at the beginning. The first three questions I had left me clueless. I had no idea and could not eliminate even one choice. It got better after that, but be aware, you may get hard questions to start you off. Don’t be discouraged! Check the box to review them later and move on. This test took my entire 2 hours. I finished with just seconds to spare. Pace yourself.


Thanks for the update Dan! How did you prepare for the exam? I’m planning to write the ACE in a week.

Stephen Greszczyszyn

Thanks for this writeup. I failed my first attempt about a year ago November 2019. I do have extensive IT background and was quite disappointed after doing all the official Coursera/Google prep courses and quicklabs, reading the GCP prep book, and being able to complete all the associated practice exams fairly easily. The actual exam was much trickier, and even worse you don’t know how close or where you failed. Since then I’ve passed the Certified Kubernetes Administrator Exam and Kubernetes Developer Exam which are 3/2 hour practical exams. They are a much better determination of how well you know a system than tricky multiple choice questions in my opinion. I’m not sure why Google can’t offer the same type of exam to show that you really know how to use the GCP rather than how well you can solve tricky multiple choice questions.


@stephen now I’m nervous about sitting in on the GCP in a week.

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