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If i want to upgrade the user account as an Independent account, can i do it?

As per the video i cannot or the platform doesn’t allow to upgrade the admin account but how about upgrading the user account independently?

1 Answers

Hello, Ram.  I think either I’m misunderstanding your question or you’re misunderstanding how the billing accounts work.

The "upgrade" discussed in this lecture is to change the Free Trial Billing Account–the one that you created by using your Admin GMail account–into a Full Billing Account that can charge your credit card.  The purpose of this lab is to allow another GMail account (i.e. not the Admin GMail account) to use that Free Trial Billing Account without the authority to also upgrade that Billing Account.  We do this because we want to make sure you that your credit card cannot get charged anything.

Does this help explain?

Ram Chaitanya Gobburu

Thanks for answering that Mattias, yep my understanding was wrong, i rewatched the video and i did see that in url you are trying to upgrade the admin but for me it was the user account and when i clicked it got upgraded.

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