Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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I passed the GCP ACE exam last week. Nobody was more suprised than me.

The test is hard. I was well prepared but never felt like I was  fully ready.

My preparation:

I completed the A Cloud Guru – Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020 course completely (twice) – I completed nearly all of the labs at least once.

I went through the Google Cloud Platform Associate Cloud Engineer Bootcamp – (The Cloud Tech Guy) on Udemy

I completed the A Cloud Guru – Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE): Beginner to Pro course

I read a good chunk of the Official Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer Study Guide and did the practice questions at the end of the chapters. This was very helpful

The Exam:

My main advice for the exam other than be prepared is to take your time.  Each question is like a riddle.  I had maybe two questions that were straight forward.  Read the question very carefully a couple times.  You can usually group the 5 multiple choice answers in to two or three groups.  A group of two answers will have very similar wording except for one element. Another group of two will be very similar to each other as well, with one outlier. If you can eliminate one group or the other you can usually get it down to two answers and make your best guess.

When you are studying pay attention to exceptions to the rule.  If Product A is the best choice for a solution except when some other factor is present.  This is what they will test you over.

It is a tough exam but stay focused and work through each problem. You have plenty of time. If you are prepared you may be pleasantly surprised like I was that you were successful.

Good Luck


Thanks for the much experience (if any) did you have on the job with GCP before the exam? Also, about how long did you study for the exam? Just going off of your study materials used, I’m assuming you at least studied for 40-50 hours no?

Jeff Kenkel

I haven’t been on here for a while and just saw your question. I have good experience with AWS and some other small Cloud Platforms but not a large GCP background. I don’t know how many hours I studied but it was a lot. I feel like most of the material was a little off from what was actually on the test but the cumulative weight of all the materiel put me over the top.

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