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How to find Projects created?

In the labs, From chapter 5 to 7, we have created an admin account and then a user account. Then, we have added this user account as billing account with the permission to create projects.
After that, we have created 2 projects for this user account:

My user Projects

Services Exploration Labs

My question is about the admin user.

When I’m logged with admin user, and go to "Manage Resources" under IAM & Admin, I can see only the projects created with this account. I don’t see the projects My user and Services explorations created by user account.

But when I go to billing, I can see this ‘normal user" there. with the billing account user role

In the "real world", if I were a GCP admin for an organization, what is the easy way to see every project created, independently of the user?

I hope I’m clear enough.

Thank you, guys.

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