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gsutil ls -a command

this command gsutil ls -a gs:// -not showing me the bucket after I removed it ,but in the lecture it was shown after removing also ,is it because I am using the sandbox environment ,or what is the reason?

2 Answers

Hello Debjani,

Are you sure you turned on object version on your bucket?

the -a flag only works if versioning is turned on; only for files in the bucket, not the bucket itself.

here a link to the details:

please clarify additional information, happy to help find out where the information went wrong.



Hello Debjani,

I guess versioning works on files/folders within the bucket, not on the bucket itself. If you have removed the bucket it will not be available even if versioning is on.

But for files within the bucket, please re-verify that versioning is on by gsutil versioning get gs://. But I guess it is not possible as you have removed the bucket altogether.



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