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Google Cloud Cert “Setting up billing export lab” error

I have been following the course.  I think a step is missing.  I cannot see billing information.  I am guessing that since the video was created that a new permissions step is required.  I get the error when I click the billing tab that "There was an error while loading /billing/linkedaccount/?project=new-project-280221

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Hi Jspieth,
I ran into the same issue, for mine, it took another 10mins then it became available. Also, you can go to IAM&Admin / Policy Troubleshooter to check your permission. I hope this helps.


Well, it has been a day, and problem persists. I checked the following permissions and they are green, so I am at a loss for what the issue is. resourcemanager.projects.get billing.resourceCosts.get. I believe that GCP has tightened down permissions since the Guru lab was written and there is a step missing.


BTW, John Ji, thank you for responding!


This problem is resolved. I didn’t make any changes on my part other than logging out and logging in over the last day. Perhaps that was what was required for the permissions to fall into place.


hmm… interesting, glade it’s all sorted for you

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