Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer – EXAM

HI All,

I took the Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer Exam this past Friday (passed) and here are a few pointers. I had previously utilized ACG to pass AWS Associate Cloud Arch Exam and found the Google Cloud not as comprehensive but it was still super useful. The videos, as of this post, does a great job of providing an overview Googles offerings. If you have other cloud experience such as AWS, it made it easy to translate the knowledge over to G-Cloud. It does how ever need to be supplemented with experience (lab or real life) and reading. Googles documentations are very well written and super easy to understand/follow.

A few topics that i recommend reading prior to taking the exam.


—–Assigning roles, best practices, revoking roles ….

—–Transferring roles between projects and organizations and what is best practice.

—–What is best practice to migrate roles from dev/test to prod.

—–At the virtual machine level read about cert based auth and granting access via certs

*App Engine/Kubernetes

—–Deploying, scaling up and down

—–reverting from one version to the other

—–traffic routing during scaling and deploying versions of applicaiton

—–how does does scaling work via CPU utilization and how does HTTP health check get impacted

Make sure to understand the above behaviors and how they differ for app engine vs container based deployments

Learn the commands. gcloud gsutil and bq. and

how to estimate bq command in conjunction with the estimate tool (UI)


—–how to get VPCs to interact

—–Subnet IPs based on region and how do ip ranges get impacted when you have multiple region.

—– VPN to on premise and how does IP sharing work with your VPC.

—– learn about ip range calculation x.x.x.x/x ..(how to maximize and minimize number of ips in a subnet or across 2 subnet)

—–Static ip internal vs external.

*project creation and sharing items across project.

*project billing and permission to view billing

*stack driver

——ingesting logs and analyzing logs in stack driver

——stack driver agent

——using stack driver to filter particular transactions

——watch stack driver minute videos


*when to use what type of DB or storage

*data flow. look at the biddata and iot data flow arch diagrams to understand what tools to use

*learn about dataproc and dataflow and pub/sub and how they all integrate and where items are processed and stored.

Just READ all the docs about the major offerings. they are well written and its not a bad read.


Awesome feedback Stoja10! Congrats and thanks!

nikhil marrapu

Thank you!


thank you

Tra Lucas

thank you

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Congratulations on your new certification, stoja10! 🎉🎊 And thank you for writing this post describing your experience and offering your tips to others. 👍  I’m glad that my courses could already be helpful to you in achieving this, and I will keep working to make them more comprehensive like our AWS offerings.

I have now linked to this post from my exam report mega-thread, and I am sure that a great many other students will be helped it.  Thank you!

Is this list, though comprehensive, still applicable to the current test as of 2020?

Tracy Allaire

What he said!

Congrats!! Nice feedback…I would also recommend Official Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer Study Guide by Dan Sullivan contact on for renting this study guide.

Jack Hyman

I would also recommend once it comes out the study guide I have written, the Google Cloud All-In-One (due out in late October) distributed by McGraw Hill. The Official Guide and even the examples are now out of data in many areas. Beware – many of the sections of monitoring/operations suite have changed. Also, the database/storage sections, including Cloud Run are not covered in the Official Guide. They are now on the exam. Finally, the Cloud Marketplace Section in Deployment is now fully embedded in the exam. When Dan wrote the book in 2018, that was migrating.

Did the exam 1 hour ago and got the result: PASS!

Thanks for helping to achieve it, the prep with you was great.

BUT i felt a big lack of knowledge while doing the exam. 

Between the questions i thought: Damn, its over, no chance to get it done.

Huge bunge of questions about BigQuery, lot of things about LoadBalanding and veeery confusing ones about Reporting, Logs and so on.

So i would recommend you to focus a bit more on Logs, Reporting, Stackdriver+BigQuery etc.


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For a new user is enough take the ACG Google Cloud course?. Or need something else?.

Javid Alizade

Hi when you plan update ACG Training in acloudguru ?

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