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Google Archive Storage Fees Explanation


I found this website when doing a search on what the terms mean for Google Archive services.  This was the thread about Coldline vs Nearline: and you were all very helpful.

I have a similar question but my exact issue has different requirements.  I have approx 614,000 Images topping off at 7.5TB I’d like to upload and archive.  I will virtually never need to access these files unless there is a catastrophic data loss locally.  So, I don’t really know how to fill out the Class A/Class B operation fields when doing the price calculator.

Now, reading the fine print, I see Google charges $0.50 per 10,000 operations.  I can’t seem to find the definition of "operation" so, am I assuming correctly that in my case I have (during the initial upload) 614,000 operations which would equal roughly 61 x .5 =$30 in addition to the storage fee?  

If this is correct, would you recommend me placing these files into about 10 different RAR’s? Would that cut that 614,000 down to 10, technically speaking?  

ALso, am I reading things correctly that even listing directories in the browser counts as an operation(s), now, would simply browsing through the directories in the storage browser account for 614,000 additional operations?

Thank you in advance.

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