Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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GCP Associate Cloud Engineer Practice Exam questions and Real exam question level

Does Associate Cloud Engineer Practice Exam questions similar to real exam questions by level of difficultly?

I find those questions very simple on practice exam.

On AWS exams it’s very opposite, Practice exam questions very hard, and real exam much easier.

1 Answers

Haha!  I’m pretty sure you’re only finding them easy because you already have such a solid foundation (including AWS’s SA Pro and DevOps Pro, I mean). 🙂  The difficulty of Google’s official practice exam questions are quite similar to their actual exam.  Also, I have tried to make my ACE Exam Simulator questions as similar as possible–though when they’re not, it’s generally that I have made mine more difficult (especially how I have more "Choose 2 of 5" questions than most people see on their ACE exam).  So if you’re breezing through it all, feel good about it!–but just make sure you pay attention to the key Google differentiators (things like gcloud and other stuff I highlight in the "Final Prep" lecture).

All the best to you on your real exam!  (Or on the PCA exam, if you jump straight to that course after this one.)


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