Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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GCP ACE Course Practice Exam

Quick question, I’ve reached the end of the course & tried out the practice exam. I read through the explanations for those questions I answered incorrectly & then decided a short time later to give it another attempt. I fully expected to see the same set of questions as that is what was suggested during the course but I was given a complete new set of questions. Does the question set changed each time you choose to start an exam? Is there no option to "resit" the one already completed?

Finally, I assume you have to pass a practice exam in order for the course to be shown as 100% complete, if so what is the pass mark?

1 Answers

I’ve never tried the practice exam before :), but I think ACG keep a pool of mockup questions that will be randomly drawn into the practice exam.

About the pass mark, since Google don’t share anything about pass mark or scoring for any of GCP exams, ACG have to create their own pass mark for practice exam, somewhere around 80%. But again, it’s just for practice exam of ACG and not the official pass mark.

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