Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Exam feedback : Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer

Passed the Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer exam and wanted to share my feedback.

How I did prepare 
1. – great starting point, hands on and conceptually well constructed training2. GCP docs – must have, just go over it, pick the exam related topics and focus on Concepts 3. Udemy sample test- gives you feeling  what type of questions to expect  4. Kuberenetes cookbook from O’reilly – to refresh, didn’t do the kub8 training had some previous Openshift experience
The topics on the exam : (most questions to least) : IAM, Kubernetes, App engine, Storage and DB dilemmas, Billing, networking, firewall and compute instances
Confirming your choice by excluding nonsense answers helps a lot.
Test was 2 hours, 50 questions and it took me around hour to finish and 30 mins to review all the questions. Good luck to all of you!



Could you please share the Udemy GCP practice test you subscribed to?

2 Answers

Well done and Congratulations.

  It is such a great feeling mastering an exam .


Moderator & Coach

Awesome, Peter! 👏🎊 Grats on the cert, and thanks for writing up your experience.  I’ll link this into my Exam Report Mega-Thread so others can also benefit from your advice.  I’m glad you got good value from our courses.



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