Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Do these lectures reflect the newer exams?

The UI seems very different than the one shown in the videos. I am a bit concerned that these lectures are outdated and may skip over newer tested information. Can you guys speak to this issue?

Jason Paul

I asked in the ACG Discord and there is a refresh of this course coming later this year. That said, the current course will also get you to pass the exam as it hasn’t changed.

Jason Paul

There is a "Beta" version of the exam, as well as "Default". I would recommend using "Default" for the older version of everything to match up with this course.

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I also found a lot of differences in the UI. Sometimes its a case of hunting around and trial and error. But questions do get responses fairly promptly on the forums though, so that’s the place to start if you get stuck. 🙂

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