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Creating a budget: “Applies to” have no billing account option

While creating the budget i don’t have an option to apply the billing account (chapter 6.5). I have a list of products instead. Why is that?

2 Answers

The recorded video is in a old version most probably. The interface have changed and now the only options are Projects and Products. So if you select "All Projects" it will cover for all the projects under that billing account.

Hi Manu, 

When this video was created, the settings were a little different. Now instead of selecting which billing account you’d like to apply your budget to while you’re planning the budget, you can look at the top part of your screen where there should be a drop down menu that says the name of your active billing account. If you selected a different billing account, that will become the new active billing account, and you could create a budget plan for the billing account. 

In the current version of GCP, when in the billing section you won’t even see the left side menu or any of its options (like budgets and alerts) unless you have a billing account selected. 

You can set a budget for any of your projects still because the projects that you see are the projects that are associated with your active billing account. 

Even thought it looks a bit different than it did in the video, you still have the option to set a budget alert for projects or billing accounts.

I hope this helps!

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