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cheat sheet

where do i find the cheat sheet mentioned in chapter 4?

Rajkumar Sukumaram

Thank you Darrell

Thomas Wors

It’s also on the resources section on the lesson

1 Answers

I wish I could upvote Darrell Pappa for his quick (and correct) response, but he seems to have inadvertently put it into a comment instead of an answer, so I can’t yet.  (Darrell, feel free to repost your response as an answer! 🙂 )

Darrell is correct: the link is .

Also, this link should be available in the resources section of the lecture–that’s where all the helpful follow-up links go. 🙂  It should be to the left side of the video player–at least that’s where it is on the web player, anyway.

Rajkumar Sukumaram

Thank you

Mattias Andersson

No problem! 🙂

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