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Buckets are not getting removed from Sandboxes

I’m using the Sandbox go through the lectures and I noticed that when the Sandbox is deleted, the buckets are not getting deleted.  So when I try to create a bucket with the same name it fails.  That bucket now can’t be accessed at all since the project has been deleted.  I suppose at some point Google will go and delete it.  But for now, I’m stuck with creating a new name.  Which kinda makes it difficult to create a shell script to run through commands from previous lectures.

BTW, this is not a problem on the AWS Sandbox.  That one deletes the buckets when the Sandbox is deleted.


I noticed the same behaviour, I am wondering if it’s a matter of time before they get removed, or if it’s permanent. I am currently prefixing all my buckets from the sandboxes with a uuid4 uuidgen | awk '{print tolower($0)}' to avoid clashes 😅

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