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Billing Export Dataset

Is the billing export dataset is created per billing account or per project ?

6 Answers

You will have one dataset for the billing account, and it will contain info for all projects attached to that billing account.

Sankar Penumacha

In the billing export lab, the billing dataset was created for the project "Admin Project". If the dataset is per billing account, why was it associated with a project?


So I am very new to this, and my response is also an attempt to verify what I think I just learned, but if I’m correct maybe it will also answer the question. My understanding is that each service needs to be created within a project. We created the Admin project in order to have a separation of duties between projects since this project is used for "admin" type services such as creating a Big Query service to collect billing data. We associated the export_billing data set with the Trial Billing account so that we can monitor all billing across all projects within our user account. However, there may be times when we want to track projects independently, so we would want to create a billing account for just that project and then associate the Big Query dataset with that billing account. In other words, we could tighten the scope of a Big Query billing data set by associating it with a project rather than looking at the whole "organization" from a high level view. We could then have two data sets (assuming a project level billing account exists), one for a project and then one that includes all projects within the organization (or the individual user account). If there are any flaws in how I am interpreting the purpose of this, maybe someone can correct me.

You have a choice of the two options you mentioned in your question. If you navigate to the budgets and alerts option in the menu on the left, click on Trial Budget (or however you named it during the lesson). Under the name field, you can select a billing account or project only. This allows you to monitor a project’s expenditure on it own, or your entire account including all projects linked to the account.

One billing account can have many projects, so you can create a bigquery dataset on any of these projects and export billing to it. In the lab, the instructor creates a new project linked to the same billing account, and a bigquery dataset on this new project. You can create a bigquery dataset on the any project and export billing to it, a exclusively project for is not necessary but in many cases can be a good practice.

In my lab, under "Scope" of Budgets & Alerts for Trial Budget — I only see projects, not the billing account created earlier.  Did I miss something?

Douglas Hopkinson

I am also experiencing the situation described above. Did the trial settings change since this course was recorded?

Treat billing account as your Organization and projects as the departments or BU who account for the different budgets. For the Billing, it is not related to any department and should be in the Organization level cost. So i guess it is the real scenario in the practice.

One dataset for all project. You can check the details from BigQuery. You can also do SQL query against it. 

Also, you can export the BigQuery to Google Data Studio to set up charts and see everything important to you in charts on one page.

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