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app engine section feedback

Ok so I’m surprised we didn’t get at least a "what is app engine and how does it work" styled block for this course. Yes, make us go off and do labs, i agree that is a great way to learn.

But we’re paying for a course that covers what’s on the ACE exam – at a minimum, it should have been a good summary as to what the service is, and why it’s important to google.

its one thing to refer to another course we have access to via our subscription (gke) but its another to just tell us to go do quicklabs

Beedle Crafts

I agree. I am quite disappointed as well.

Keenan Romain

Yeah, I’m a little disappointed as well.

Ankush Pandita

I know author wants us to create a mental model and do homework. But at the end of day I paid for cloud guru subscription so I expect some course material from the author. I my opinion, this should be highlighted before the course what is covered and whats not.

I agree. I am quite disappointed as well.

Ryan Scrimshaw

+1 and I get the approach proposed for this, but I feel like it is much more effective to have some level of handholding, then a challenge lab (or ideally set) and some guidance/solution. This feels a bit like it was left out to deliver the course within a timeline..

Jeremy Warren

Incredibly disappointing. Feels like a punt.

1 Answers

I agree with you.

At first I thought that App Engine is just something like Azure App Service or AWS Lambda. But no, it’s totally different! You can’t just put your code and hope it runs like what you can do with Lambda, or throw a whole web source folder via FTPS and access your website instantly like what you can do with App Service.

Putting apps/code to App Engine is more complex than that. And it works way different than other providers.

So this section deserves to have a comprehensive theory lesson on App Engine.



Vikas Sharma

Not sure without giving overview of App Engine how Tutor expecting beginners to start doing labs, they atleast should have given overview about what it is… disappointed !!

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