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Another Overlap Question about Cloud Datastore and Cloud Bigtable

Cloud Big table and Cloud Datastore both are No-SQL unstructured database options. According to Google, none of them is serverless. Both support strong consistency and Low Latency. Both are (Regional or Global)

What is the use case  or deciding factorto look at when deciding on Big Table vs Datastore ? Are they different in terms of capacity ?

2 Answers


Great link Lewis.

Asad Siddiqi

Thanks but still it does not answer the overlap for me. If a client wants to use non relational storage that can handle that can handle a large volume of data. What to select ?

See the following differences, it might help you.

Bigtable is best for:

  • Petabyte-scale databases, with low latency, high read and write

  • store tables that can have a large number of columns.

  • If you are writing data at high rates and in large volumes, consider Bigtable

Datastore is best for:

  • Where consistency is required

  • for semi-structured application data that is used in app engines’ applications

  • Datastore is a schemaless database and does not support relational operations

  • is used for nonanalytic, nonrelational storage

  • support for transactions and indexes to improve query performance

  • it lets you do SQL-like queries

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