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Why not use scheduled reserved instance?

About this quiz question of EC2:

You need to run a VERY price sensitive workload once a month that cannot be interrupted and must run continuously for up to six hours. Which sort of EC2 billing model should you use?

  • Spot market

  • On demand instances

  • Reserved instances

  • Spot block

The answer is spot block with the notes that this feature is actually retiring, but it’s still valid for the exam.

I want to ask why not use scheduled RIs? It satisfies the condition "a predictable recurring schedule that only requires a fraction of a day, a week, or a month"

Is it because spot is cheaper so whenever possible should choose spot instance? If so, when should choose scheduled RIs over spot instance with spot block?

1 Answers

Reserved Instances have to be purchased in increments of 1 to 3 years. As this is a job that runs for a few hours, once per month, Reserved Instances are not a cost-effective option.

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