AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate (SAA-C02)

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Why are there seemingly two identical AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate SAA-C02 courses?

The following two links:

Are both named: AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate SAA-C02, but have very different course structures. What, if any, are the fundamental differences between the two links?

4 Answers

This caught me out too after spending a few hours watching the first one – It is not obvious which is more recent
However, after watching 30 mins of I’m pretty sure that it is the newer one.

ACG: This is pretty poor – It should be much more obvious which is the more up-to-date course.

I emailed ACG’s support team and they also confirmed that is the most up-to-date course.

I got suspicious after watching AWS – This week for 4th july where Ryan mentioned about refreshing solution architect – associate course

Carlos Amador

GRRR – thankful I caught this now rather than later – was studying the other one for my upcoming exam at the end of the month.

Is NOBODY going to answer this question, ESPECIALLY with another ownership takeover?!?!?!?!  I MUST pass an exam and I do not have the time to waste to go through two of these from ACG no knowing if I am missing anything or not.  What gives here??!?!


Hiya cbglenn – you are in the right place / forum that belongs to the most up to date version of this course. Good luck with your exam! Cloudguru is amongst one of many learning platforms that provide content. This question was actually answered the very day this updated course was released & the training Architect who helped design it was and is "highly available" across these forums for help. @Alex Galvin. The new ownership will have no impact on whether or not YOU pass your Amazon exam. 

This link and this forum is the most up to date option for this course. 

It was updated recently to reflect the changes in the AWS GUI, now includes more content (45hrs now compared to 33), amongst several other changes.  Hope this helps.

Bilal Ahmed

would be useful to call out the new slides on the newer course as i’ve been through the older course already.


Same same – I was in the middle of the older course when this was released. I compared the two side by side and skipped any chapters I had already digested and understood already… The supporting courses that are recommended in Chapter 2 also go back over lots of key stuff.

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