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What videos have the same material that was covered in the previous course?

I just saw that this course was made available today, however I am in the last section of the previous course and was about to start the practice exam’s and quizzes. I guess first question, should I bother taking those and just try to take his courses? I understand (and appreciate) that going over the material again would be good but I would like to know if it could be made available in the resources section what topics are covered in this that are not in the other course. A ‘diff’ if you will? I plan to go things again, but as I take practice exams I want to focus in on the areas that are lacking.

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I’d personally recommend taking a look at the last half of the course. Anything with Serverless, Big Data, Security, and Governance is going to be much different from the previous version of the class. The first part of the course is pretty similar to the last version, just updated with newer demos, slides, etc.


Thanks Alex! I will definitely go through the demos and labs, then the latter half as suggested! Appreciate the understanding!

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