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Routing policy questions

With a failover policy, what happens if the primary comes back up? Is traffic automatically routed back to the primary?

With a geolocation policy – what happens to users from a location not within the rules? Eg. You had rules for US and European users – would somebody from Asia just be routed randomly, similar to a simple routing policy?

1 Answers

I found this on AWS doc:

"Geolocation works by mapping IP addresses to locations. However, some IP addresses aren’t mapped to geographic locations, so even if you create geolocation records that cover all seven continents, Amazon Route 53 will receive some DNS queries from locations that it can’t identify. You can create a default record that handles both queries from IP addresses that aren’t mapped to any location and queries that come from locations that you haven’t created geolocation records for. If you don’t create a default record, Route 53 returns a "no answer" response for queries from those locations."

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