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Playground credentials

What login name and password do I use for the AWS playground credentials? I just stared the CSAA class and want to use the playground.

Justin Burrell

Check the following link, if this doesn’t help or you need more information let us know and we will follow up.


Ok, more specifically, are the playground credentials the "A Cloud Guru" credentials, or do I have to sign up for an AWS account and enter those? I thought the playground is free, so I am worried that I may accidentally incur charges because I don’t know what I am doing, creating, running, etc.

Armaandeep Singh Pannu

when you click the Playground in the dashboard ,it will prompt you to the AWS sandbox ,The credentials are provided on the same page username-‘cloud_user’ & password will be different eveerytime. After that you will have to click on the link which says ‘Open sandbox’. It will prompt you you to the AWS login screen where you can put the credentials provided on the Playground Page. You don’t have to Signup with AWS to use the Playground. Hope it Helps

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