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CHAPTER 5.4 :Versioning Objects in S3 : Suspend

Hi Experts,

I am able to suspend the versioning for the S3 bucket but when tried to upload the next version file, it allowed and removed the original file.

Is this the normal behaviour ? Why is it deleting the original version file? please clarify


Pradeep Reddy

2 Answers


When you click Suspend button you have information:

"The bucket functionalities below are impacted by this change:

  • Lifecycle rules set for previous object versions will still apply.

  • Existing objects in your bucket do not change.

  • Newly added objects with the same name as an existing object replaces the existing object."

I am getting a bit strange behavior regarding this.  

I enabled the versioning on my S3 bucket and make all files publicly available by a bucket policy.

Then I uploaded the version 1 of file

Then I upload the version 2 of the file

I could see both the versions and can access them via http. (I had to make the version 1 public manually now though)

Then I suspended the versioning, waited for a minute and uploaded version 3 of the file.

I could see all 3 of them rather than version 2 being replaced by version 3.

Then I went ahead and uploaded version 4 of the file. This time it replaced version 3 of the file and I could no longer see that version.

So looks like the suspension of the versioning doesn’t come into effect straght away but after the second update of the file only. 

Is this expected? Shouldn’t it stop versioning the files straight away e.g. replace version 2 file with version 3 file?

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