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Chapter 14 ‘SQS Message Ordering’ slide – information correct on messages per second?

In the SQS Message Ordering slides, should the SQS FIFO have limit of 3,000 messages per second instead of 300?

Kavindu Chamiran

It should be 3000.

3 Answers

By default, FIFO queues support up to 3,000 messages per second with batching or up to 300 messages per second (300 send, receive, or delete operations per second) without batching. If you require higher throughput, you can enable high throughput mode for FIFO on the Amazon SQS console, which will support up to 30,000 messages per second with batching, or up to 3,000 messages per second without batching.

The answer above is correct. Please check the link below for more details

The standard FIFO queue supports 300 API calls per second for each API call method (Send, Receive and Delete). You can also use the Batch API methods to process up to 10 messages per batch, which is 3000 per batch call method per second.

There is an option to partition a queue using message group ids for high throughput FIFO queues. In this case the ordering and de-duplication is limited to the message group and the throughput will be 300 API calls per message group.

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