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Bucket Policy


The session is great. I have a question.

When we can make the whole Bucket access level as Public,by disabling the Block Public access feature,What is the actual use of the Bucket Policy mentioning here?Apologies for my confusion.

Kindly guide.

Thanks and Regards,

Nagendra G

1 Answers


Making Bucket access level as public, by disabling the "Block all public access", only makes the S3 bucket publicly accessible, but not the content (objects) in it. You need to explicitly make the object / file public, to view it publicly.

Buckets may have a number of files depending on the type of website, and marking each file as public is cumbersome. Hence a bucket policy is used, so that the rules in the policy apply to all files (arn:aws:s3:::BUCKET_NAME/*****) in the bucket.

Hope this helps.

Thank You.

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