AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 2020

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Unable to select OS

When setting up a VM, no matter what OS I select, I am unable to select the size and thus unable to create a VM. What did I miss?


same here. what’s up with that?

Isaac Morris

Same here, and i truly want to complete the labs. I have noticed that on the video the VM set up page is different than my portal. I chose a windows 2016 server and when you go to pick the size all options are grey’d out.

2 Answers

Hi Christopher,

Can you let me know which steps you are going through? I choose a "Windows Server" through the marketplace in the Azure Portal and am able to both select the VM size and create the VM.


Hi All,

I had this same issue, but for me it seemed to be due to the region I had selected for the VM.  I was originally trying to create it in UK South, but when I changed to Europe West, it allowed me to select a VM size.

Hope this helps.


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