AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 2020

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Support Plans

When I check this section, i see the support plans are updates and there is no Premier plan.

3 Answers

It still exists and it looks like Microsoft has differentiated the offerings and created one for "mid-size to large companies with substantial business" and left a tag on to "explore enterprise support".

Premier still exists, and it looks like it’s targeted solely at enterprise and it’s a bit harder to find (probably due to them driving customers in this direction from sales channels) ,

It looks like the offerings are Basic, Developer, Standard, Professional Direct, and Premier

It would be great to hear @Lars weigh in on this

Hi there,

Cam is pretty spot on. The support plans appear to be the same, but the marking approach has changed. However, with the changes coming into effect today, the support plans are no longer part of the exam. I am in the process of updating the course to reflect this too.


Mac Ru

So it’s over 7 months now and there are still eight questions about support plans in mock exam at ACG. I’d say not that great support and up to date info.

You may want to mention this on the slide pack – like a text or something as this creates more confusion. I took the course and did some mock tests on Udemy. After  3 mock tests realised that the way you have presented the content is out of date and in the current context a bit misleading.

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