AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 2020

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Passed AZ-900 today

Passed the AZ-900 exam today. it was pretty straight ahead. I listed 41 questions, but there was more like 75 today. a lot of questions, had 3 yes/no questions, and they give you credit for each one.

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Hi Paul,

Well done! Welcome to Azure fluffiness. 😊

Are you saying there were 75 questions on the exam?


Paul T

the exam showed 41 questions. you have 60 minutes to complete 41 questions.

Paul T

Hit return, trying to do carriage return… The exam shows 41 question, and you have 60 minutes to complete them. I’m taken a lot of MSFT courses in the past, and I have a habit of doing a tik list for Yes, Maybe, and No questions on the whiteboard, so I know how close to passing I am on the last question. I’m saying there are really about 75 questions in total. Example, question 10 might be, answer yes / no for these 3 statements Microsoft is a software company Yes | No Azure is a private cloud Yes | No Lars is a cool instructor Yes | No That one question is really 3 questions. The test even says they grade each piece independently. So, you can get 1 to 3 correct. No information on the weighting. There are more questions like this that clearly have multiple pieces.

Paul T

clearly i can’t paste in formatted text…

Paul T

Microsoft is a software company Yes | No

Paul T

Azure is a private cloud Yes | No

Paul T

Lars is a cool instructor Yes | No

Paul T

the 3 question would be stacked like the 3 previous posts.

Lars Klint

Ah, that make sense Paul. And yes, the "reply" function in the forum just hates any kind of carriage return….

Lars is a cool instructor

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