AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 2020

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Passed AZ-900!

Thanks to ACG, I passed my AZ-900 exam last week! Honestly, the training really does prepare you for the material on the exam. You will feel more and more confidant with each question on the exam, because you will realize you really do know the material.

Super excited and next step is AZ-104!

Hope everyone has the same success I am having!

Jayesh Panicker

Congratulations Cory!

1 Answers

Hi Cory,

That is awesome! Thanks for the feedback too, I am glad the course helped you out. You can now cloud with the rest of us 😊

Best of luck with AZ-104. I still have to pass that one too!



Dear Lars, You done very good Job on AZ900 Training material with your touch.:). I have comleted the ACG AZ900 Course. Looking forward your suggestion for additional practice test to make sure get enough confident to give the exam in a week.

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