AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 2020

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Passed AZ-900 exam | January 2022

I just passed my AZ-900 exam today.

Special thanks to Lars for making this learning experience interesting and funny in this course.

The practice exams were actually helpful, as I saw some of the questions in the real exam too, so if you are planning to go for this exam, do not skip the practice exams.


Great Job my friend, on to greatest…Let’s Go!!!!

Jayesh Panicker

Thanks mate!


Congrats! Got mine coming up in a week or so, really nervous as I haven’t done an exam in 7 years!

Jayesh Panicker

This exam is easy. Don’t stress and just be confident and you will cross the line!


Congrats mate! got mine coming up in a week too i am so so nervous

2 Answers

Congratulations! Great advice too, thanks for sharing.

Hooray for Jayesh! Itty bitty huskies salute you!

Thanks for the feedback on the exams too. We spend a lot of time on the questions, so I’m happy they are helpful. Now, on to AZ-104? 204?


Jayesh Panicker

Thanks Lars! I am planning for AWS Solutions Architect SAA-C02 now.

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