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openshift vs aks vs kubernetes

What are main differences between openshift , aks and native kubernetes

David Ezequiel Vinograd

Openshift and AKS are Enterprise Frameworks that run over Kubernetes and help enterprises to manage a Kubernetes Cluster. They add features like logging, security, etc. Native Kubernetes itself is the standard open-source way of orchestrating containers. Openshift and AKS manage, in some way, a Kubernets cluster. It like : AKS —> Kubernetes —> Containers

4 Answers

I think David’s question is spot on.

Native Kubernetes is the Upsteam Project that anyone can "try" to deploy & utilize but you get support from the community.

AKS is Azure’s managed service offering for Kubernetes (i.e. PaaS ) that is supported by Azure so you can focus on what’s inside the containers.

OpenShift is Red Hat’s offering of Kubernetes with additional  features on top  such as hw/sw certifications, developer tooling, and support. OpenShift can run in any environment(Bare metal, Virtual Machines, Public clouds) whereas you are of course limited to Azure with AKS.


Kubernetes is just an orchestrator , however to build a total solution there are many steps:

1) Install OS 2) Install K8s 3) Configure Networking 4) Configure Monitoring 5) Auth 6 )Configure Logging 7) Securing the whole stack 8) Build Ci/CD pipeline 9) Maybe ISTIO 

And the list goes on and on:
Very time consuming + very hard to maintain and control at scale , we didnt mention things can break

Openshift decided to provide a full stack starting the OS ( Red Hat CoreOS) , Native K8s , and all the additional layers already integrated so you or customers can start working from day ONE. All supported and All secured – it just works out of the box. and yes – CI/CD pipeline are integrated within the product .( Operators ) 

Red Hat contribute back to the community so everyone can enjoy the features 

More info –>

Hope it helps

These answers are all very spot on.

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