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Is “Azure SQL Server” IaaS or Saas?

In the video, the instructor says that O365, Azure SQL Server and Azure active directory are examples of Saas solutions. Why does "Azure SQL server" falls into the Saas category?
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3 Answers

The term Azure SQL Server is mistakenly used here because there’s no official product name like that.

For solutions of running SQL Server DBMS on Azure, you have:

  • Azure SQL Databases, SQL Edge and Azure SQL Managed Instance, which are PaaS solutions.

  • SQL Server in Azure VM, which is a IaaS solution.

A SaaS solution is what you typically subscribe/rent and use it without any hassle of provisioning anything, which Microsoft 365 and Azure Active Directory are examples.

Azure SQL or SQL Managed Instances are usually referred to as PaaS i.e. Platform as a Service, somewhere between IaaS (where you have access to the OS) and SaaS (where you only have access to the front-end). PaaS allows you access to the DB platform, without access to the underlying OS.

Hi Marco,

Thanks a ton for bringing this glitch to my attention. I will fix it in the next round of updates 😊


Marco Pinto

Hi Lars, Thank you for providing such a great and enjoyable content for all of us.

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