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I cant create a new respource group in cloud playground

I cant create a new respource group in cloud playground executed for exmaplor for creating an App Service for testing, furthermore an policies error happen when I try create an app service with the default resouce group of the playground

1 Answers

Hi Carlos,

Cloud playground doesn’t allow you to create resource groups. Can you share more details about the policies error? It might be that you have to create the App Service in the same region as the resource group?



I also cannot create, even in the same region. Error:


"Resource ‘ASP-1e5652240playgroundsandbox-8d1c’ was disallowed by policy. Policy identifiers: ‘[{"policyAssignment":{"name":"Allowed Web App Service Plan SKUs","id":"/providers/Microsoft.Management/managementGroups/Vader-Gen2-Labs/providers/Microsoft.Authorization/policyAssignments/fd53e34744e04a27b21d60d1"},"policyDefinition":{"name":"Allowed Web App Service Plan SKUs","id":"/providers/Microsoft.Management/managementGroups/3617ef9b-98b4-40d9-ba43-e1ed6709cf0d/providers/Microsoft.Authorization/policyDefinitions/36e244e0-d7d9-407f-a2d0-7156e4bced64"}}]’."

Zack Stearns

I’m also getting the same error and I’m leaving everything as default

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