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Explanation of Relational Database is incorrect

In MySQL lesson the explanation of Relational Database is incorrect. I know this is a beginner course but still go to be correct.


Lars Klint

Could you please explain why it is incorrect?


The lesson says "relational means the data is related to itself and other pieces through defined connections in the database. For example the table of customers is related to the orders table"


That statement is sort of implying MySQL is relational because data in one table is related to data in another table. But that is not what relational means.

1 Answers

As per the Oxford dictionary, a relational database is "a database structured to recognize relations between stored items of information." This is exactly what I am saying in the course. You are referring to relational database mathematical theory, which in essence say that and then goes into details on the relational database theory, and how databases are updated and affected by updates.

I think you are reading more into the statement than what is there, and, yes, it is a beginner course, so relational database theory is way outside the scope of the course. 


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