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Create our own Resource Group in the Azure Sandbox

Are we allowed to create our own Resource Group in the Azure Sandbox?

4 Answers

It doesn’t look like we do. I receive an error message "You do not have permissions to create resource groups under subscription P3-Real Hands-On Labs."

I have the same issue, but there is a pre-defined resource group in the pull-down and since this is a "sandbox" which is temporary by design, there is no reason not to just use that one.  The trainer may be working off prior design or assuming you created a free account.

There is a single resource group created for the sandbox.  Just select that one from the drop down and you should be good to go.

Vartika Koul

which resource group from drop down?

I came here for the same issue. I thought the sandbox feature would allow us to create resource groups. I contacted support to get clarification on the limitations of the Cloud Guru Azure sandbox environment.

Just found this:


Got confirmation from support that we cannot create resource groups. This is super lame.

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